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Press Releases
16/11/17 Interactive Visual Album Release: Enerate_InteractiveVisualAlbum_PressRelease.pdf
16/11/17 Transit Lounge Single Release: Enerate_TransitLounge_PressRelease.pdf
08/09/17 Half Asleep Single Release: Enerate_HalfAsleep_PressRelease.pdf

Enerate is a dreamy art pop project by producer Josh Graham along with Therese Watson, Ben Fitzpatrick & Matt Niciak. 2017 saw the band release their debut Interactive Visual Album, ‘Good Times Airlines’

The playful project originated in the misty Blue Mountains, west of Sydney in Australia. Enerate began it’s life as a solo recording project when Josh's love for The Beatles and Kanye West reached boiling point, and exploded into a happy-go-lucky mid tempo synth pop group. On the mission to take the project live, Josh relocated to the Inner West of Sydney and enlisted the help of long time friend Matty on Bass, Therese on keys, and Ben on drums and percussion.

Enerate first made a splash with their charming video single 'Unstoppable which premiered in prime time on ABC TV's RAGE program alongside Tame Impala and Flume which threw them into their first east coast tour. Enerate's follow-up single "I Think I Love" brought in a palette of new textures, driving jungle rhythms and colourful synths pepper the song, with an infectious chorus that is impossible not to sing along to.

In a world first Enerate released their anticipated debut record as an Interactive Visual Album on November 16th, 2017. The first of it's kind - the 'Interactive Visual Album' titled 'Good Times Airlines' is an app containing unique interactive music videos for each and every song.

Josh Graham conceived the Interactive Visual Album, saying of it ‘Art is becoming more multidisciplinary, and music is becoming more visual. The album is as much video as it is music. This is not a marketing tool for the album... this is the album.“ Josh continued “We wanted to make a physical release, that you can touch, feel, effect.. that was multi sensory and completely digital.” The Interactive Visual Album features recent singles ‘Half Asleep’, & ‘Transit Lounge’, and is available for free on the Apple App Store, and Google Play. The band unveiled the app to music industry guests with a launch party in the MTV Australia studios.

Each music video on the album is interactive in its own way. The‘Unstoppable’ video turns into an 8 bit video game half way through, and the viewer has to play the game to the end of the level to access the next part of the song and the story. In ‘Home’ the viewer has the power to change age of the band members. ‘Transit Lounge’ sees the viewer take a trip into the imagination of a young boy. As we take him into different worlds. ‘Its Ok’ is based in a security center. It's a multi-linear story that plays out over 6 video monitors, you can pick up bits of the story along the way as you watch from different cameras. You can take control of the band’s fate in ’What Is Happening To Us’, Or choose from some hilarious alternate endings in ‘Half Asleep’

This integration of music, video and gaming as an album, is a truly unique and innovative concept, taking interactive music videos to a whole new level. This pioneering multi dimensional release could be the first of what in future may just become the standard format for album releases.

‘Half Asleep’ premiered locally on Sydney’s FBi 94.5 on Mornings with Bridie Tanner, and followed by making it’s national radio debut on 21/11/17 on Triple J on Breakfast with Ben & Liam to great reactions on the Triple J textline. The following Monday night Dom Alessio featured the track on Home & Hosed. The music video for ‘Half Asleep’ has been featured across MTV Music in Australia & New Zealand.

Summer 2018 saw the band hit the road with Mansionair to support them on their sold out ‘Astronaut’ tour. Known for their vibrant on-stage energy, colourful visuals and interactive live projections. Enerate have always pushed the boundaries. when it comes to music art and technology. With rumours of a new VR music video single in the making, they promise not to disappoint.

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